Our fees are based upon t
he degree of responsibility, skill and time necessarily occupied on the work.

The following services are regulated by the relevant authorities:
1. Statutory Audit

2. Corporate Income Tax Submission

The following services are based on the estimated workload:
1. Accountancy
2. Accountancy Standard Operating Procedure
3. Business Advisory and Financial analysis
4. Business Loan Application
5. MBJB/MBJBT License Application
6. Personal Income Tax Submission
7. Sales Tax and Service Tax Related License Application

Our services charges will be mutually agreed and,
- To be discussed during the 1st appointment.
- To be confirmed before our job is started.

When you are sincere in your consideration for others, in even the most trifling matters, you can bring about 
a complete change in the world around you."
Daisaku Ikeda

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